How to Disable “OK Google” on Your Android

Many people are concern about their device privacy while using digital assistants. Are you worried about the privacy of your Android device? Then disable “OK Google” on your Android by following the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Turning Off  “OK Google”

•    Go to the Settings application on the Android Device

•    Choose the language, input, and Google voice typing options.

•    Choose the “OK Google” option.

•    Switch the “From the Google app off and other options in case you wish to.

This procedure will disable the “OK Google” option in the Android phone, and its voice command feature stops working. You can also turn the “OK Google” option again when you wish to use Google with a voice command.

Here are the additional method mentioned below to disable the “OK Google” option by using the Google application:

•    Launch the Google application on the Android phone.

•    Choose the three line symbol located in the upper left-hand side of the display.

•    Choose the Settings, Voice, and “OK Google” options.

•    Turn the “From the Google app” option off.

In case you wish to use the “Ok Google” through the voice command, then you can enable this option anytime on the Android phone.

Improve the Android Phone Privacy

Ok Google only listens to the voice command given by you, but it does not observe your other activities in your device. As well as disable the “Ok Google” option, and you can also work on other things to improve the Android phone privacy.

Disable the Location

You should only enable your location or GPS only when you needed it on your Android phone. By doing so, no application can track your current location and also not your personal data gets tracked. Like all other applications and social media networks, Google is not able to use your data stored on your Android phone.

Disable the Google Maps Location History

•    Go to Google Maps.

•    Choose the Settings application.

•    Choose the timeline option.

•    After that, click on the Settings application.

•    Switch the ”Location is on” off.

•    Switch the “Location history is on” off.

•    Choose the “Delete all Location History.”

•    Choose the “Delete all Location History range” option.

Delete the Facebook App

•    Go to the Facebook application on the Android device.

•    Choose the Permissions option.

•    Switch the Microphone off.

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