How to do the FaceApp Challenge

FaceApp is amongst the top trending photo editing apps nowadays. With the app, you can change your face into old and young face and into the opposite gender by editing your new selfie or some old photo in the phone’s gallery. With FaceApp, users can edit photos in quite a fun and amazing way. The app has become famous overnight and is likable among users. It gives you a realistic glimpse of your old age face looks and it enables you to have a lot of fun. Here lies the complete guide on how you can download this trending photo editing app and use its features.

Download The App

It is the first step if you are willing to use FaceApp. First of all, download the app from Play Store if you are an Android user or from Apple store if you are an iOS user.

How To Use The Feature

FaceApp is quite easy to use, and users can edit new and old photos in the phone gallery at fingertips. When you select a photo or take a new selfie with the app’s camera, it will open in the app. By swiping right, the feature will apply several effects such as smile, old face, young face, opposite gender, and many more. FaceApp allows the user to edit photos in a fun and amazing way. You can have an idea of your old age face look by editing your photo with the new photo editing feature.

How To Share A Photo

Editing photos on FaceApp is way too easy than it sounds. After editing a photo, you need to tap on the photo option appearing on the top of the left side on the home screen of the app. Tap on the option and select the specific photo you are willing to upload. FaceApp enables you to write an amazing caption and provide additional filter and effects and frames you can apply on the photo. By tapping on the share button, you will get the option to share the image. Select the platform on which you wish to share.

Free or Paid Version

Majority of users prefer the free version of the app, but the paid version offers a lot such as photo style, soothing filters, and many more. It is up to users which version they wish to download. To buy the paid version of FaceApp, go to the settings menu in the app, and tap on the buy option available.

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