How to Share your Outlook Calendar as You Want with Anyone

Create an Outlook Shared calendar and make schedules with your work team, family or friends. Nowadays, we all have a busy schedule in which we forget many of our plans and tasks. Outlook Calendar is the best choice if you work on Microsoft Office applications or use Outlook for email. Outlook also allows you to share your schedule or plans with Outlook.There are various methods for doing it, you can choose the date range, information type, and customize the appearance.

Here is how to share your Outlook Calendar as you want with anyone

How to Share an Outlook Calendar with anyone

This is the best way if you only want to share the event, plan or schedule with someone. The only job you have to do is email your calendar’s copy to the recipient. If you aren’t able to email the calendar from your Outlook version (especially in Outlook 2019 and Office 365’s Outlook, as these versions don’t support the calendar emailing), send the PDF file of the calendar through email. The best part of sharing Outlook Calendar through email is that the receiver is only able to view your scheduled events and appointments, but can’t change anything or see the updates.

Steps to email an Outlook calendar:

1.    Open your ‘Outlook’ account and go to the View Switcher menu.

2.    Then, open ‘Calendar’.

3.    Now, do the following according to your Office version.

•    If you’re using Outlook 2013, or 16, then select ‘Share Calendar’ in the ‘Home’ tab. For Outlook 2010, select ‘Email Calendar’.

•    If you’ve Outlook 2007, then locate the navigation pane and click on ‘Share My Calendar’.

4.    In the popup box, click on the ‘Calendar’ dropdown button to see your calendars.

5.    Select the schedule from the list that you want to send to someone.

6.    Next, click on the ‘Date Range’ dropdown button to choose how much you want to share.

7.    Choose a Date Range option (Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days, Next 30 days, or Whole calendar) you’d like to share. You can also specify the date range manually of your choice.

8.    Now, open the ‘Detail’ dropdown to choose the information you would like to share.

9.    Then select what you want to share, you can choose ‘Limited Details, Full Details, or Availability Only.

10.    Check the box of ‘Show Time within My Working Hours Only’, if desired. In case you want to modify the working hours, click on ‘Set working hours’.

11.    Click the ‘Show’ option in the Advanced menu to set the layout and appearance of your shared calendar.

12.    After determining everything, click ‘OK’ to proceed. This will create a new email with your calendar attached.

13.    Now, fill the name of the user to whom you want to send the calendar in the ‘To’ field.

14.    Enter the subject and your message in the email body, if you wish or leave them blank.

15.    When you did everything, check your email once again and click the ‘Send’ button to share your calendar.

Your calendar will be sent to the receiver immediately. Now, he/she needs to view the email and open the attached calendar in Outlook or any other calendar program. It will open as a new calendar without doing anything to the receiver’s existing calendar. Now, share your work schedule or trip plan with anyone quickly.

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