The Easiest Way to Run Microsoft Office 365 on a Google Chromebook

If anyone wants to run the Microsoft Office 365 on a Google Chrome, there are two methods available get access Microsoft Office apps on a Google Chromebook. Firstly, Office 365 subscribers might utilize Office Online application to edit and generate Microsoft Office files in the Google Chrome OS browser. Secondly, Office 365 subscribers may be able to use and install Microsoft Office applications for Android on a Google Chromebook. Although all the Microsoft and Office app works in a web browser, in fact not every Google Account and Google Chromebook lets users to easily install Android apps. Moreover, people who are using Chromebook, Google offers them the capability to launch, edit, and save files in the format of Microsoft Office.

Furthermore, in April 2019, the company introduced the ability to easily works with the some of the Microsoft files in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets without even changing the source of the Microsoft Office files to the Google format. Here are few steps easily run the Microsoft Office 365 on a Google Chromebook or how to install Microsoft Office Android Apps. Though, the steps are quite simple and easy, but if you follow them in the sequence it mentioned in the screen will save lots of time and efforts. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office Android Apps

Latest Chromebooks version let users to easily install and run Android Apps, only because access provided by the Google Play Store. One can look for their Google Chromebook make and model on the Chrome OS Systems Supporting  Android Apps page. Once you get access to the Google Play Store  on their Google Chromebook. Know how to install Microsoft Office Android apps:

  1. Firstly, click to “Access the Launcher” located in the footer left-side corner of the screen.
  2. Now, choose the “Play Store’ that you want to use.
  3. Then, look for the Microsoft Office app name such as Microsoft Excel, Word, etc.
  4. However, from May 2019, some of the following Microsoft Office Android apps that you can easily install on Google Chrome OS are as follows:
  5. Microsoft Excel
  6. Microsoft Word
  7. Microsoft Outlook
  8. Microsoft PowerPoint
  9. Microsoft OneNote
  10. Microsoft Team
  11. Microsoft Skype for Business
  12. After that, choose the “Launcher” placed in the bottom left side of the Chromebook screen.
  13. Next, search for the app which you wish to use.
  14. Tap on the “App” that you choose from the list to run it.
  15. Click to “Sign in” to the app by using your Personal Microsoft Account or your Microsoft Office 365 account.

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