Office setup with your product key. Get started: step 1. Go to - Sign in, 2nd. Enter product key, and 3rd. Install Office 365 or Office 2016.

Get Started - Download, Install and reinstall Office/setup

Microsoft Office is a critically renowned productivity suite that hardly needs an introduction. Through this software, you can share your documents with other users of Microsoft Office. You can work on the same MS Office documents with your co-workers by using the collaboration feature of the Microsoft Office. In case you wish to purchase the MS Office product, then you have to buy the product by going to

Steps for Downloading Microsoft Office Setup

Once the users brought the MS Office setup, they can start the download procedure by going to the official site of Microsoft Office. Make sure that the users should have strong internet connectivity in their operating system and storage of the users' system should not be full. Just follow the steps listed below to start downloading:

  1. Tap on the website
  2. On the official site, you have to type the email address and linked password and after that press on the login button.
  3. Visit the product of the MS Office which the users had brought from the retail store or from the online website.
  4. The users need to press on the download button under the Microsoft Office setup.
  5. You have to press on the download button once more on the coming page.
  6. The download procedure takes some time so you have to wait until it gets downloaded completely.

Steps for Installing MS Office Setup on Windows

If the users have Windows operating system, then they have to follow the given steps to start installing their MS Office product on Windows:

  1. Open the downloaded storage and after that, click on the setup of the MS Office product.
  2. Hit on the "Yes" option.
  3. Then, the product of the MS Office will begin the installation procedure.
  4. The users will notice that there will be sudden changes in all programs in their system after completing the installation procedure.
  5. Tap on the "Close" option.

Steps for Installing MS Office Setup on Mac

In case the users have the Mac operating system, then simply go through the steps listed below to begin installation procedure on Mac:

  1. Visit the "Finder" application and choose "Downloads" option.
  2. Click twice on the downloaded setup of MS Office.
  3. Then, verify the installation procedure.
  4. press on the "Continue" button.
  5. tap on the "I Agree" button once the users read the policies of MS Office setup.
  6. Press on the "Install" passcode.
  7. Then, type the passcode linked with your Mac.
  8. Choose the Install MS Office setup" button.

Steps for Activating MS Office Setup

Because the users have to verify the Microsoft Office setup, the purchased registration key should be authentic while the users are going through the activation procedure. Follow the steps listed below for starting the activation procedure of the MS Office setup:

  1. You have to press on the "Start" button and after that, the users have to press on the "All Programs" option.
  2. Tap on any product of MS Office.
  3. When the users had open the MS Office product, the users will get a page to activate the MS Office product.
  4. Enter the MS Office 25-digit alphanumeric product key in the section.
  5. Go to the "Next" option and then read all the necessary guidance given on the MS Office activation page.